aluminium restoration

Aluminium Restoration…Alufix will restore and Protect your Aluminium Windows & Doors to the original shine. With a guarantee that it will last…

Our Services

Cleaning of Aluminium

Cleaning System

We use a highly concentrated Aluminium Cleaning System to remove all stains, corrosion and chalk to leave your Aluminium clean and suitable for our next system – Bringing back the shine.

Our Services

Restore & Protection that last for years…

Restoration System

After the Aluminium is cleaned and neutralized, we coat your Aluminium Doors & Windows with a Clear Coating that will bring the shine back and protect it from UV and further corrosion. 

Proven & Popular

  • We can use our systems for domestic and commercial projects.
  • Longest lasting aluminium protection
  • Fights stains and corrosion
  • Cost-effective
  • Helps to prevent frequent costly restoration
  • Won’t fade, crack or peel
  • Allows metal to be cleaned using only deionized water
  • Our restoration process will last up to ten years depending on individual environmental conditions.
  • UV Stable therefore will not fade or discolour with sun exposure and heat.
  • UV Filters which protect the colour underneath from fading or discoloration.

Before replacing your Faded Aluminium Doors/Windows - We can help. Owner Supervised - Gauteng, Cape Town & KZN

Cleaning, Patch-Up & Restoring of Faded Aluminium Doors/Windows. Contact Us Now!
5 Year Guarantee on the product and 2 Year Guarantee on Workmanship
5 Year Guarantee on the product and 2 Year Guarantee on Workmanship

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