Have Your Aluminium Doors & Windows Lost Their Luster and Start Fading?

Some Aluminium Uses

  • Aluminium windows
  • Aluminium doors
  • Aluminium balustrades
  • Aluminium trailers
  • Aluminium braais


For Aluminium

We will restore your Aluminium to original shine

How can you tell our restoration system will restore your aluminium?

Clean an area of the aluminium and observe it while it is clean and wet, if the colour and shine returns while the surface is clean and wet then this is how the surface will look once restored by the Alufix team.

Preparation & Application

We strive to give you the best service and the best value for money…Call us for a quote. Our application team are trained and will fix your aluminium with minimum inconvenience.


We at Alufix Building Restoration can restore powder coated and anodised aluminium colour as well as protect it from fading, chalking, oxidation, corrosion and salt damage. We also do colour changes.


Alufix Building Restoration will restore your aluminium windows, doors, garage doors, balustrades and metal building to new again with our cleaning and protective systems. Our coatings will restore the original colour and shine while providing sunscreen for the powder coating or paint. In addition our coatings contain UV protection and anti-oxidants to protect the metals from sun, salt air, corrosion, oxidation, rust and fading.

Once the metal has been restored, Our restoration system will continue to protect the metal and keep it cleaner.

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Alufix Protective System

Window frames are often stained by minerals leaching from the precast, painted surfaces leaching onto the frames, and rust leaching onto the frames from deteriorating building materials. Our anodized and Powder Coated aluminum window frame restoration services can be utilized in order to restore the window frames to their original condition. As an experienced anodized and Powder Coated aluminum window frame restoration contractor we have a broad range of experience restoring all types of stains from the surface of the frames in order to restore them to their original beauty.

In most cases, our anodized and Powder Coated aluminum window frame restoration services can be used to save the coating without requiring the surface to be painted over. This allows our anodized and Powder Coated  aluminum window frame restoration business to save our commercial clients money versus the cost of painting the window frames and continued maintenance on the painted surface. Painting window frames is often recommended by window frame restoration businesses that are unable to effectively restore the anodized and Powder Coated aluminum window frames.

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