Due to a great demand for colour change – we started to offer this service as well…We did successful colour changes for the past 3 years. Unfortunately only Gauteng for now! We are in the process of getting a trained team in Western Cape

Preparation & Application

We strive to give you the best service and the best value for money…Call us for a quote. Our application team are trained and will fix your aluminium with minimum inconvenience.


We at Alufix Building Restoration can change the colour of your aluminium doors & windows. 


Alufix Building Restoration will change the colour of your aluminium windows & doors to any colour you want. It is a total different process and also more expensive than the restoration of the aluminium. The reason for that is that we have to use our special paint and remove the sliding doors and the windows that can open and spray them. We leave the frames and windows and paint them with using tape and paper to cover the windows and rubbers. 

Need Someone to do it for You?

Contact Us and we will Give you a Quote – Gauteng Gauteng Only